XL Icelandic Hunter

XL Icelandic hunting knife Blade length 12 cm. Blade hand made from  RWL 34 steel. Bolsters are made from 304 steel, Handle is Turkish walnut rot . Sheath is made from Icelandic lambskin 

Oseberg Knive

This  knife was made  from 1999 to 2016 complete  finish after engraving by Pierre Döme in Liege, Blade is  made from damasks steel from White Russia, The dragon head is copy of a dragon head who come up in Oseberg ship in Norway, Turkish walnut in handle

Vilhjálmsson Knives

Icelandic hunting knives. Some of  our  hunting knives  are  engraved  by a master engravers  like this one engravingby Veronique Grojean in Liege  , blade is  made by Johann Vilhjalmsson  and the steel is from Damasteel in Sweaden and  patern name is  “Haka pella”