I call this knife “Vinland”. Thats the name of the patern you can see on the damaskus blade.The damaskus steel in this knife is the very best made  by Damaseel in Sweden. Now Icelandicknives are dealers here in Iceland for this great steel, www.damasteel.se . Blade length is 13cm  and total length is 27 cm . Handle is made from  reindeer horn and hippo tooth.

Riffles in Progress

MINOX Digital Camera

This riffles are in progress now

From top:

Mauser 98  cal 6.5-284 made on Steir 1912 action, Silen barrel

Mauser 98 cal m6,5×55 made on Dumolin Herstal action, Lothar -Walter barrel

Remington 700 cal. 6.5×55 Lothar -Walter barrel

Mauser 98 cal 9,3×62 made on Dumolin Herstal  action , barrel Lothart-Walter

Mauser 6,5-284 Custom made by J.Vilhjalmsson R,vík



I just receive the stock from craving. The craving job was made by Stefán Hauk  Erlingsson he is one of our greatest master for wood craving and skrim shaw here in Iceland . I have be making this rifle for may years, now is just the bluing job and it is finish . The action is Steyr model 1912 one of the best action for a custom work like this, I change the magazine with a hinge and my own opening system . Safety from Recknagel in Germany and other parts are also from Recknagel like the scope mount, sights and grip cap. The scope is handmade from Pecar-Berlin.